Hey there, I’m a committed programmer, aged 15 in NSW Australia. My background is programming in Scratch and Batch. and although they weren’t really designed for anything powerful, I used scratch to make a 3D rendering wire cube (at the humble age of 12 I might add) and a collision engine this year; in batch my major project was a text environment engine, which of the things I did get done, was quite well made.

I love programming and am going to maintain it as a skill and hobby for the rest of my life.

I also have big aspirations for videogames and could ramble for hours about how games represent ideas as an art-form or other things like the open ended world of game balance…

If you want to contact me I am super friendly and interested already!

Where am I now?
Much to the delight of almost every human being alive, I am now exclusively working in C++, it is somewhat early days, and I haven’t proven my skills yet within C++, but I am enjoying it and plan to take things far, in fact I made a blog about my ongoing work in C++! (maybe you know it?)


Here are the things that I mentioned making above:

Wire cube

Tile based collision

Dream Engine


Other things:

Pastebucket uploads

Full list of Scratch uploads
(You may have to go digging to find something actually good, but they are there)



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