So Now What

Short meta:

I have just finished py4school, and now I am on holidays. I should be getting back into my original projects soon, although it does depend on a few things…

Anyways, back to C++ is the point, particularly with Tactics, we’ll see what happens to Zombies.

See you in a few weeks.


I Take It Back

I’ve lost motivation and interest completely for the non-mandatory side of this assignment, soooooooo that’s embarrassing. I don’t know if I’ll ever run on a sudden desire to use Python in a few years: if I do then I may turn this base-assignment into a fun extradite game, but for now I’m making inventory and battle and victory and that is it.

The reason why is partly real life circumstances, and the rest has to do with me feeling too inspired with my long-term dream for me to want to develop this small idea; perhaps this makes me less reliable with my project commitment, but most of my blog content is theory and design, and that is unchanged whether or not I give up.

New Blog! (Not Really!)

Blogging about blogging is boring so I apologize for being boring, (also apologizing is boring so I apologize for that as well)


I am starting a new category corresponding to blog posts that relate to a school project I need to be doing.

It needs to be in python so it is rather different to the entire purpose of this blog, but maybe I’m okay with that;
It also needs to be a text based adventure, but I won’t be redesigning Zombies for that, I also won’t be making an engine for this, but rather just a normal text adventure implementation.

The criteria I shall be working around can be summarized as follows: answer the question. (School.)

This means I will need the following:

  • A map system incorporating rooms and/or areas.
  • An inventory which has functional contents that can be manipulated.
  • Travel.
  • Leveling/character growth.
  • Battle algorithm/s.

(Although battle isn’t specifically defined… but I want to explore the obvious definition anyway, so classic RPG it is.)

In terms of personal interests I’m going to be exploring the way that grinding/monotony exists as a trope in RPGs, and how that is/isn’t optional, as well as the applied ways that item functionality interacts with crafting + recipe systems in terms of things which I don’t fully know how to explain at this time.

That’s all!

Another Project :D

A while ago I mentioned a secret project, rather loosely titled “RPG engine”; well on GitHub is a repository for the design and planning involved, although as of this being published it is it not very detailed. (Also the game idea is very different to what the title tends to imply)

I recently started actually working on a programming project which is designed to be a Harvest Moon clone. It is going to run without any interface, and this will be the case indefinitely. Some day, when I get better at C++ graphics, I shall bother with that, but if I want to work on graphics I’ll just work on my tactics project.

I don’t exactly know how the project is going to go, I’ll just work on it as I wish alongside the other two projects, and try to learn something.


GitHub is Really cool.

Since I am a programmer, and also since open source is amazing, I am now using GitHub for my source.

I have a repository for both of my projects, and some other ones as well; you can look at any / all of them here.

I will still use both of my blogs, but not nearly as actively, particularly at this time (because I should be spending more time creating than blogging!)

The more interest my blogs receive, the more I will maintain activity and interest when communicating updates, obviously.

Now you can finally see my actual work; design ideas posted on the blog will also make their way to the repos.

Secret Project Now Mentioned

Over the past couple of weeks, I have put together some thoughts and ideas I’ve had into one big messy and fun project that should probably take the rest of my life.

If you think I am biting off more than I can chew, too bad, I’ve learned not to care.

It should contain lots of npc driven gameplay, and isometric graphics.

On that note, it is time to turn my development cycle back over to the zombies project!